Maham (MA-HaaM)  is sweat + soul. Founded by Skylar Hauswirth, who

discovered the mind and body benefits of yoga at an early age. As his career in hospitality and nightlife fields grew he recognized the void for a class that was

not only relaxing and detoxifying but vigorous and strengthening. 


Maham’s mission is to blend the beauty of traditional yoga with the challenges

of hardcore conditioning. Looking for a new way to sculpt your body? Get ready

to burn baby burn. Our experienced instructors will push you out of your comfort

zone while also concentrating on alignment, breathwork and mindfulness. 


Maham uses high energy and music creating a modern take on the

Vinyasa flow. Believe us this is not your grandma’s yoga studio!

Transform your idea of what yoga is while transforming your body.

Leave it all on the mat. No excuses, just sweat.


Yoga reminds us every day to be more present, aware, connected, and powerful. This is what you take away from the mat. Oh, and that you are a badass! 

of Infrared
Heated Yoga

Reduce Pain and Inflammation: From arthritis and fibromyalgia to plain old muscle soreness, infrared can penetrate up to 3 inches into the body and under the skin, aiding in pain relief by improving blood circulation and enhancing the delivery of oxygen to soft tissue, which helps relax the muscles.

Smooth Skin: Infrared light waves gradually repair skin damage over time. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, helps scars and burns, improves the skin’s elasticity, and improves overall appearance of skin tone.

Healthy HeartAlong with strengthening our cardiovascular system through Ujjayi breathing, a rise in body temperature increases blood flow, which mimics the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout and continues hours after your hot yoga practice!

Detox: Infrared therapy is the best way to eliminate metals, chemicals, and toxins from the body. The FIR (Infrared) natural heating mechanism heats from the inside by raising the body temperature to create an “artificial fever.” Studies have shown that in this state, cancer cell growth slows, and white blood cells (infection fighters) are produced.